SmarTerminal Computers Inc.

July 25, 2005
Handheld Terminal Offers RFID Capacity with Internal Antenna and Scanner

SmarTerminal Computers Inc., a provider of rugged industrial data-capture portable terminals has introduced the SmartMate-RF13 and SmartMate-2D handheld terminals.

SmartMate-RF13 offers the industry's first RFID handheld computer with internal RFID antenna and/or 1D Barcode scanner. This means that users can read 13.56 MHz RFID tags along with traditional 1D linear barcodes using a compact ergonomically designed unit. Traditional RF handhelds have awkward external antennas that make handling cumbersome.

SmartMate-2D offers integrated 2D imaging capabilities capable or reading two-dimensional matrix codes as well as omni-directional 1D bar codes.

Both handheld products are ideal for manufacturing, transportation and warehousing applications. SmartMate-2D and SmartMate-RF13 incorporate high-performance Bluetooth/WiFi capabilities through an internal module and Microsoft Windows CE.Net technologies with the stringent IP 65-compatible rating for dust and water. They have a high-speed throughput of internal 11 mbps enabling the wireless transfer LAN and Bluetooth of bandwidth-intensive data within the enterprise.

"SmartMate's imaging technology and RF capabilities bring even greater performance and speed to our wireless handheld terminal customers," said Seung Kee Lim, CEO, SmarTerminal. "SmartMate-2D has an integrated 2D imager that expands our customers' abilities to read multiple bar codes. This includes standard 1D bar codes and more complex 2D images, such as signatures. SmartMate-RF provides users with a multi-functional data capture device that combines an internal RF 13.56 MHz antenna with a data collection terminal that is rugged yet small, light and ergonomic with a simple keypad that is easy to use. Both handhelds deliver excellent performance on today's bar code standards while providing an investment in the future."

Key Features of SmartMate-2D and SmartMate-RF13:

  • Advanced enterprise integration with Microsoft Windows CE.Net 5.0

  • Rugged and ergonomic design with lightweight profile

  • Brilliant screen with clear transflective color display

  • Flexibility built-in with expansion compact flash and secure digital slots

  • Powerful and efficient data collection utilizing the integrated 1D or 2D imager or RFID

  • Convenient wireless connectivity using 802.11b radio and Bluetooth internal options.

Pricing, Availability and Partner Information

SmartMate-2D and SmartMate-RF13 will be generally available in October 2005 at prices ranging from $1,500 and $2,000. SmarTerminal is seeking new business partners for its handheld terminal product lines.