Loveshaw Corp.

Aug. 5, 2005
Remote-Controlled Head Lift Boosts Case Sealer Speed

Loveshaw has increased the availability of its special edition Little David SP-304 semi-automatic case former and sealer that’s equipped with a new remote-controlled, electric head lift. By directly influencing the rate and ease with which operators adjust their SP-304, this new head lift can increase throughput, and boost productivity across the packing line.
The special edition Little David SP-304 with electric head lift significantly reduces the ergonomic stress involved in raising and lowering head and frame assemblies in response to changing case sizes on the line. Operated by a remote control that attaches magnetically to the machine, the head moves from the minimum to the maximum case range in less than a minute. This is more than twice as fast as the speed available through conventional crank style lifters.
The SP-304 semi-automatic case sealer also delivers many other safety and efficiency features. Unlike competitors in its class, the SP-304 offers a patented single mast design for clear access and a knife-guard system that only allows the blade to be exposed when the rollers have been depressed to reduce workplace injuries. Self-tensioning belts and a non-lubrication tape cartridge simplify operation and reduce staff training.
Designed for simple plug-in operation, Loveshaw’s Little David SP-304 also showcases a sealed drive system, top and bottom flap folding, a continuous belt drive operating speed of 60-feet a minute. The product is covered by an industry-leading performance warranty.