Capmatic Ltd.

Aug. 8, 2005
Automatic Crimper Packages up to 40 Vials Per Minute
Bambino A, an automatic crimper tabletop, is designed specifically to package vials with either sterile or non-sterile products. Production speeds can run up to 40 BPM, depending on the size of the vial and the functions required.The Bambino A compliments the Bambino FS by placing and crimping aluminum caps on vials, which have been filled or sterile sealed with rubber stoppers. Using a vibratory orientation bowl, caps are gravity-fed through the stainless steel chute to the starwheel capping station. Simultaneously, vials are moved from the turntable delivery system into the transporting starwheel for positioning under the cap feed chute. Once aligned, caps are gently placed over the rubber stoppers. The vial is then moved to Capmatic’s unique crimping station. The bottle is turned from the bottom while a special head with spring-loaded knife applies a perfect secure finish crimp to the cap. After capping, the vial is pushed out of the starwheel onto a holding tray. Finished vials collected on the outfeed tray are clustered by a spring loaded pressure arm. This prevents vials from falling over prior to the operator removing them from the tray.