Fette America

Aug. 17, 2005
Die Table Segments Optimize Production, Increase Output
Fette now offers Die Table Segments that provide optimum tablet production with significantly shorter downtimes for refitting, resetting, and cleaning, according to Rich Derickson, vice president of sales and operations for Fette America.Derickson said these Die Table Segments can increase output up to 25% with more stations per die table, less product loss, less wear and tear, and simpler, smoother logistics. The segments significantly outlast standard dies, including carbide-lined dies.
Standard die platesFette’s die table segments
(for 75 stations)
61 individual dies5 segments
Fasteners needed6110
Manual operations 366 15
The switch to Fette Die Table Segments can decrease set-up time by as much as 88%. By eliminating the need for dies and die lock screws, the Die Table Segments provide a whole new level of efficiency. The new segments, which have excellent technical reliability even when manufacturing special tablet forms, are designed to replace the entire standard die table surface plate. In addition to higher speeds and greater longevity, the Die Table Segments offer decreased Srel for better quality. The segments are available on all new Fette tablet press turrets, and can be interchanged with standard turrets on customers' current Fette presses.