Loveshaw Corp.

Aug. 25, 2005
Multi-Height Adjustable Pallet Labeler Now Available to All
Loveshaw introduces its Little David LS-800 Pallet Labeler — the only labeler with an adjustable hydraulic lift table to accommodate a wide variety of pallet sizes. Specially designed earlier this year to solve the unique needs of a modular storage cabinet manufacturer, the Little David LS-800 is now being offered as part of Loveshaw’s standard product offering.Because of their varying sizes, specifically heights, pallets often require different labeling positions. The new Little David LS-800 is the first labeler to offer an adjustable tensioner feature — available in manual hydraulic foot pedal or electric — to raise or lower the entire platform where the pallet rests as needed, depending on the height of the pallet.In addition, the Little David LS-800 offers reliable, on-demand printing of variable data such as time, data, serialized numbering schemes, weight, barcodes, and logos to eliminate queuing and prevent operators from waiting until a pallet has been skidded to print the finished label.The Little David LS-800 Pallet Labeler also meets the requirements of safety-conscious plants with its protective guarding. Its bullet-proof Lexan glass enclosure eliminates pinch and cut points, and prevents inadvertent bumping from moving rods and parts.Additional features of the new Little David LS-800 include:
  • Random stroke applicator arm — automatically adjusts for distance variations in the pallet load;

  • Microprocessor controller — allows for 50 parameter save areas;

  • Interface junction box — easily communicates to and from external devices such as PLCs, computers and product sensors via a photo eye beam;

  • Simple threading path;

  • Heavy-duty pneumatic cylinder;

  • Easily accessible pneumatic controls and gauges;

  • Custom applicators — for side tamp and leading edge/trailing edge corner wrap labeling.