Tau Laser Corp.

Oct. 28, 2005
Laser-Based Marking/Coding Platform Takes Drug Security to High-Tech Heights
Tau Laser Corp. has released the VDL Security Marking Platform, a unique laser-based technology for combating the international problem of drug counterfeiting. The VDL platform can mark and code not only pharmaceutical packaging materials, but also the tablets and capsules themselves.According to the Center for Medicines in the Public Interest (CMPI), it is estimated that nearly $39 billion, or 11% of all global pharmaceutical commerce, will be counterfeit in 2005. CMPI says that number is expected to grow 13% annually through 2010, compared to just 7.5% estimated annual growth for global pharmaceutical commerce. By 2010, counterfeit drug sales are projected to reach nearly $75 billion, a 92% increase over 2005. The proprietary VDL Security Marking Platform is especially suited to the unique coding and high-speed requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Along with tablets and capsules, the VDL Platform can mark all parts of the packaging process — including bottles, boxes and labels — with sophisticated variable bar codes and custom 2D dot matrix codes at speeds of up to 540,000 pieces per hour.“Based on our 30 years of experience in laser technologies, we developed a comprehensive process for single-piece serialization at high speeds with a minimum of support equipment,” said Gene Robbins, president of Tau Laser. “We see an immediate and growing need to safeguard our nation’s drug supply.”The VDL Systems are complete package solutions that cover all aspects of the security coding process, including custom-designed laser systems, encoding devices, full process control, database management systems and IT-based track and trace programs.
Tau Laser's VDL Security Marking Platform can mark directly on softgels.