Flexicon America Inc.

Nov. 3, 2005
Tabletop Filling Machine Gently Handles Creams, Viscous Liquids
Flexicon America, Inc.'s DF32 Positive Displacement Tabletop Filling Machine provides gentle handling of viscous oil- and cream-based products. The programmable DF32 achieves +/- 1% accuracy to eliminate fill volume inconsistencies, embedded air, product waste and spillage. The automated, servo-controlled filling operation provides precise, repeatable fill volumes and smooth, gentle product handling without the formation of air pockets to assure that exact fill volumes and homogeneous content are maintained throughout each container.The combined pump and control unit with integrated stainless steel filling stand fits neatly onto a tabletop or laboratory bench. Pump construction includes a pump head manufactured from AISI 316 and PEEK materials.The flexible DF32 filler accommodates fill volumes ranging from 10 ml to more than 5,000 ml/min and is capable of performing up to 2,000 fillings per hour, depending on product viscosity.