Nov. 7, 2005
In-Line System Inspects All Solid-Dose Pharmaceuticals
Symetix, the pharmaceutical business unit of Key Technology, introduces Vantyx, a high-performance inspection system for tablets, capsules and softgels. Vantyx achieves 100 percent in-line inspection at full production speeds using Key’s patented Spatial Color Analysis technology, which provides exceptional color and spatial resolution. With a high level of precision, Vantyx verifies product color, count, shape, position and presence of print and removes foreigners, color errors, shape defects and missing doses to assure every dose conforms to product requirements. Vantyx enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to achieve the highest level of diligence while maximizing throughput. Vantyx is FDA 21 CFR Part 11-compliant, designed to meet GAMP 4 requirements, and benefits from Key Technology’s 10-year history of supplying FDA-validated inspection solutions to the pharmaceutical industry and 50-year history of supplying innovative technology to the food industry. Symetix offers complete engineering services and validation packages.The compact, flexible Vantyx inspection system can be embedded within other packaging machinery such as blister-pack thermoformers, flat bed printers, and slat fillers. Vantyx is also available as a stand-alone, bulk-to-bulk, high-volume inspection system. The technology is capable of inspecting up to 10,000 individual tablets, capsules or softgels per minute, or as many as 360 complete blister packs per minute. Vantyx ensures accurate product identification and product integrity to maximize pharmaceutical manufacturers’ diligence in assuring product quality while running at full production speeds. Vantyx also serves to monitor upstream production processes, which allows manufacturers to address the FDA’s Process Analytic Technology guidelines for physical characteristics of the product.Symetix can equip Vantyx with two to six high-resolution color cameras, depending on the needs of the application. With up to six cameras, Vantyx can simultaneously inspect up to six different packages or six separate arrays of product. Each camera uses a dedicated image processor for maximum speed and image resolution.