SCA Packaging North America/Thermosafe Brands

Dec. 8, 2005
Bulk Shipping Container Maximizes Product Life, Minimizes Outer Packaging
ThermoSafe Brands' new Durable Transport insulated bulk shipper is pre-qualified to keep bulk loads of liquid bio-substances at refrigerated temperatures (2-8°C) for up to 96 hours. The reusable, octagon-shaped shipping system can hold bulk drums of liquid from 35- to 100-liter capacities, or other capacities as needed.
PolarPack Foam Brick refrigerants are loaded into sleeves to streamline packing time and replace mechanical refrigeration. Foam-in-place urethane insulates the rugged polyethylene seamless shell (see internal view of container at right) which weighs 190 lbs. when empty. The durable container is easy to maneuver by rolling onto an optional stainless steel dolly or utilizing the tapered leg design that permits forklift entry on all sides.ThermoSafe Brands offers the largest selection of temperature assurance products available to protect the efficacy and integrity of the drugs you’re transporting, according to the company.