Savi Technology

Dec. 8, 2005
Software Optimizes Asset Utilization, Performance and Visibility
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Savi Technology recently released its Savi SmartChain Asset Management System 4.5 (Savi AMS 4.5), which optimizes the utilization, performance and visibility of supply chain assets ranging from intermodal cargo containers to tote bins as they are deployed continuously throughout the extended supply chain. Savi’s enhanced system serves as the software foundation for solutions targeted at specific vertical markets.These vital mobile supply chain assets, which are the workhorse conveyances that transport goods worldwide, include cargo containers, chassis, pallets, racks, cages, totes, trays, air cargo containers (ULDs), gas cylinders, drums, trucks, trailers and railcars – across multiple industry sectors. Savi AMS 4.5 can be integrated with all types of Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) technologies – ranging from barcodes, active and passive RFID, sensors and GPS satellite location systems – to provide real-time information on the location and state of assets. AMS enhanced with AIDC technologies automates prior manually intensive, error-prone processes, which enables users to drive improved efficiency and reduced operational expenses.Unlike traditional supply chain management software that focuses primarily on supply chain execution and planning within the user’s own closed-loop enterprise, Savi AMS 4.5 continuously monitors and manages the assets across the extended open-loop supply chain, encompassing Suppliers, Distributors, Customers and Service Providers. Visibility of these assets across the extended supply chain enables owners to overcome the enduring difficulty of meeting customer demand because of asset shortages, poor visibility of their location and awareness of their condition. Extended visibility also drives significant improvements in asset utilization by enabling customers to identify total asset inventory, hoarding, inadvertent stockpiling and locations where the assets may have been previously lost or misplaced.Savi AMS 4.5 also provides automated full lifecycle management of supply chain assets, including forecasting and planning, reservation and allocation, asset transfer and repositioning, and physical inventory functions. Additional performance management analytics and key performance indicator (KPIs) reports drive continuous improvements in asset utilization and customer service. The end result is a reduction in capital expenditure, lease, rental and demurrage expenses and reduced operational expenses such as costs associated with expedited shipments."Having visibility to orders, shipments, and inventory is not enough. Many companies are learning the hard way that operational excellence in supply chain management also depends on having the right asset, at the right place and at the right time,” said Adrian Gonzalez, senior analyst with ARC Advisory Group. “It doesn't matter if an order is picked, packed, and prepared for shipment on time if there are no pallets, totes, containers, or other assets available to transport them. Savi's Asset Management System addresses this weak link in supply chain management and applies many of the capabilities and practices used to manage manufacturing operations and inventory, such as optimization and planning and scheduling, to the world of asset management."Savi AMS 4.5 has significantly enhanced analytics and forecasting capabilities, as well as features supporting greater visibility to the extended supply chain. Other enhanced features and functions include:
  • Chain of Custody. Real-time visibility across the extended supply chain provides unique capabilities to monitor chain of custody of hazardous materials in industries such as chemical. Real-time automated alerts provide continuous “live” exception monitoring of asset movements, providing users with “chain of custody” accountability at all times.

  • Optimization. Savi AMS is unique in incorporating a demand planning and forecasting application in its asset management solutions. This application takes into account historical trends in demand and asset utilization to forecast future demand by asset and by location. This enables long-term planning for asset acquisition and recommends repositioning of assets to meet long- and medium-term demand in each location in the supply chain. This feature can significantly reduce the high cost of expedited freight to transfer assets.

  • Planning. Information about the current location and state of assets and customer orders enables accurate short-term planning and repositioning of assets to meet customer demand and ensure that assets are available where and when needed.

  • Performance management. Savi AMS 4.5 includes enhanced Key Performance Indicator reporting, such as Cycle Time, Asset Turn and Utilization trends and exceptions.

  • IBM WebSphere Application Server Support. In response to requests from its customers, Savi AMS 4.5 introduces support for IBM WebSphere Application Server.