Nosco, Inc.

Jan. 27, 2006
Service Helps Drug Makers Integrate RFID into Packaging

Nosco, Inc. introduces a major RFID service capability under the Nosco RFID Package Integration brand, to help pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers and distributors meet federal guidelines and state legislation to protect the U.S. drug supply. RFID technology enables the development of an electronic pedigree to track and trace products to prevent anti-counterfeiting and diversion.

Nosco is providing a combination of RFID-enabled label products utilizing the latest equipment available, combined with integration services. Nosco helps manufacturers and distributors understand, acquire and implement RFID technologies and printed packaging solutions. Specific services include:

  • Help to coordinate client hardware and software requirements
  • Design and implement RFID into packaging components
  • Manage client RFID pilots
  • Assist with production line modifications
  • Establish quality specifications

Label products include UHF or HF, and dry or wet (pressure-sensitive) tags. Finished RFID tags have read, write, and verification capability. Nosco is able to produce both short and long RFID placement runs, from quantities of 1,000 to several million.

Nosco is participating with other industry leaders at the University of Wisconsin RFID Testing Center and Work Group, and is a member of EPCglobal on their Healthcare and Life Sciences Business Action Group. Nosco is one of a limited number of technology providers with more than 30 pharmaceutical companies supporting EPCglobal’s efforts. EPCglobal is setting worldwide RFID standards.

Mass Serialization can be built into the existing bar code infrastructure using 2D and Orbid code variable data printing using digital label production to provide redundancy. RFID and Mass Serialization can also be supplemented with authentication technologies, including color shifting inks, taggants, security holograms and other overt, covert and forensic options and that are actively being used today. Nosco has a portfolio of mass serialization and authentication technologies.