Priority One Packaging Ltd.

May 1, 2006
Modular Palletizers Flexible in Configuration and Use

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The FLI Series High-Level Palletizers from Priority One are modular in design and available in every configuration to satisfy low-speed and high-speed production lines handling a wide range of cases, crates or shrink-wrapped bundles or trays. Heavy-duty construction and high-quality components increase equipment longevity, reduce maintenance and enhance productivity to maximize return on investment. Like all machinery from Priority One, the FLI Palletizers come with a 3-year warranty that covers parts and labor.

The in-line FLI, which features a Full Layer Infeed, can palletize in excess of 6 layers per minute and 100 cases per minute. The right-angle FLI, which features a Row Forming Infeed, can palletize in excess of 5 layers per minute and 60 cases per minute. Both models can be equipped with either a Mat Top or Roller Surface.

Incorporating many advanced features, the FLI Palletizers improve equipment reliability and flexibility while providing gentle product handling. The high-speed air-cushioned turner system gently and rapidly turns a wide range of products. The lane divider system uses a horizontal slat switch that maximizes the pattern-forming rate by producing case rows without stoppages. The unique bi-parting plate allows for multiple void locations in both directions to dramatically increase the number of possible pallet patterns and improve the appearance and stability of the pallet loads. This flexible pattern-building system can handle many different case sizes.

The FLI High Level Palletizers are designed for fast and easy changeover. Product recipes can be pre-programmed, enabling product-specific machine parameters to be quickly recalled. This enables simple changeovers to be accomplished in as little as five minutes just by selecting the product from memory via the color touchscreen control panel. More substantial changeovers may require mechanical adjustments – no tools and no changeparts are required.

Priority One can equip the FLI Palletizer with either a ControlLogix or SLC Controller. The programmable controller-based palletizer can be accessed remotely via a plant-wide network, enhancing the flexibility in the operating environment and easing access for remote diagnostics. Other possible options include DeviceNet and Ethernet communications.

The mainframe of the FLI palletizer is a twin-tower design, fabricated from ¼” formed steel plate and structural tubing for maximum strength and rigidity. All the vertical and horizontal movements of the palletizer and the ancillary conveyor components are powered by premium gear motors and are monitored by proximity sensors and photoeyes. Shaft-mounted gear motors are used to eliminate troublesome chain and sprocket assemblies. Variable frequency drives are used to power many of these motors, including the lift motor, to provide gradual acceleration and deceleration of these moving assemblies and ensure smooth operation at all times.