Omron RFID

Feb. 8, 2006
Generation 2 RFID Compliance Kit Debuts

Later this month at the RFID World show in Dallas, Texas, Omron will introduce a comprehensive Generation 2 RFID compliance kit. This vendor-neutral kit will include all the hardware, software and compliance and certification training necessary, along with 10,000 RFID labels. These comply with Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense requirements. Key Omron training dates are now set, beginning in April.

Additionally, Omron's kit will provide:

  1. Support for both Gen 1 AND Gen 2.

  2. One-year upgrade and specification change support (if Omron's equipment or materials get upgraded, manufacturer customers receive the upgrades for free).

  3. The ability to expand to any type of RFID deployment enterprise-wide (e.g., internal ROI-based applications).