Videojet Technologies Inc.

Feb. 10, 2006
Ink Jet Printer Maximizes Uptime

The new Videojet 1310 ink jet printer from Videojet Technologies Inc. provides maximum uptime for marking and coding operations. The unit is designed to start and stop without the need for cleaning, and its automated backflushing nozzle minimizes downtime by automatically cleaning itself at start up and shutdown, even after idle periods. This system prints seven types of bar codes, alphanumerics, expiration dates and serializers for the food and beverage industry. Specially designed no-mess bottles guarantee ink and makeup fluid are fully deposited into the reservoir, eliminating waste.

"We spoke with our customers and then designed a printer that would address two of their biggest problems — frequent nozzle cleaning and the ease of start up/shut down," says Chuck Ravetto, director of small character marking, Videojet Technologies. "The Videojet 1310 printer runs longer without maintenance and is designed to be more tolerant of frequent stopping and starting than competitive products."

A simple user interface and a text-editor software package similar to Videojet's well-known industrial ink jet printers help reduce the operator's learning curve. A dual CompactFlash memory card makes set up, back up, cloning and upgrading to multiple Videojet 1310 units quick and easy.

To further increase uptime, the Videojet 1310's heated printhead maintains proper ink viscosity, crucial for environments with frequent temperature changes. The Videojet 1310 has a built-in pump that allows customers to quickly move the printer from line to line. Electric printhead shutoff valves automatically shut down the printer cleanly, even in the event of a power outage, so it can print immediately when power is restored.

Eight new inks for the Videojet 1310, released in conjunction with the printer, are manufactured for code durability on a wide variety of substrates, including various types of plastics, flexible films, metal and glass containers and chipboard packaging.