Markem Corp.

Feb. 27, 2006
Encoder/Applicator Handles RFID at High Speeds

Markem Corp. has introduced the 800 Series high-speed RFID encoder/applicator, which is capable of applying up to 100 tags per minute.

The 800 Series is available in two options for tagging cases on the production line: high-speed blow applicator and on-pitch inlay application. This system is EPCglobal Gen 2 compliant, facilitates flexible tag placement to meet positioning requirements for all types of products, and is built to integrate with existing software, systems and equipment.

With increased speed and throughput capabilities, the 800 Series is ideal for beverage and consumer goods industries. The system boosts reliability and dependability by reducing the downtime often associated with label and tag applicators for tag reloading, waste removal and for preventive maintenance. In addition, Markem's Uptime Total Services Program offers a complete package of service, support and training.

With remote status and configuration reporting capability, the adaptability to operate in harsher environments than traditional label and tag applicators, EPCglobal Gen 2 compliance and on-pitch inlay handling, the 800 Series is equipped to help processors meet RFID mandates now and in the future.