Markem Corp. & ThingMagic

May 5, 2006
RFID Solutions Suppliers Unite for Users' Benefit

Markem Corp. (Keene, N.H.), a leader in innovative and reliable product identification solutions, announced Apr. 24 that it is partnering with ThingMagic, Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.), a leading developer of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

This partnership further enhances the full suite of Markem’s RFID solutions, including high-speed RFID tagging in production environments, semi-automated tagging, and use of RFID portals for supply chain communication and stock control.

Markem Applied Intelligence Solutions has certified ThingMagic’s Mercury4 Serial Reader fourth generation fixed reader and is available for use with its 800 Series high-speed applicator, which applies up to 100 RFID tags per minute and automatically rejects bad tags. The Mercury4 reader also enables the 800 Series applicator to encode RFID tags at speeds of up to 100 tags per minute. Markem RFID implementation services further make use of ThingMagic products, including downstream tag verification to ensure 100 percent compliance.

“As RFID mandates scale up, industry leaders will move RFID tagging to the source, onto their production lines,” said Kevin Ashton, vice president, marketing, for ThingMagic. “Using ThingMagic Mercury4 readers, Markem has developed a high-speed applicator which meets production requirements. ThingMagic is playing a significant role in this market leading effort.”

These solutions will be implemented by the Applied Intelligence Solutions division of Markem, which helps high volume consumer goods manufacturers comply with increasing demands from retailers and regulators for RFID and traceability compliance, while enabling faster, smaller recalls and better operational processes.

ThingMagic, Inc. contact information:

One Broadway, Cambridge, Mass, 02142 U.S.A.
1-866-833-4069 (International callers, dial +1-503-691-2452)