May 17, 2006
Servo-Driven Rotary Capper Boosts Precision
NJM/CLI introduces Equatorque, a servo-driven rotary capper that improves the precision of the capping operation to maximize product quality. Featuring Elau brushless servo-motors at each capping head, Equatorque accurately controls torque from zero to 35 lb/in (four Nm) and enables on-the-fly torque adjustments to be made without slowing the machine via the local operator interface or remotely via an optional Ethernet connection.

The Equatorque Capper self-calibrates each head during every screwing cycle to compensate for torque changes caused by mechanical shifts. The system constantly monitors the performance of each head — when a fault is identified, the system signals operators via an alarm and, if equipped with NJM/CLI’s optional reject system, automatically removes containers with faulty caps from the production line.

NJM/CLI can design Equatorque with one to 24 capping heads to achieve line speeds from 10 to 600 containers per minute. Handling containers from 30 ml to 5 liters, Equatorque achieves faster tool-free changeovers by eliminating the mechanical adjustments required with traditional magnetic clutch systems.

Equatorque can be customized to handle non-standard containers and special caps, including flip-top hinge caps that require orientation.