July 14, 2006
New Tag Technology Allows RFID Use with Liquid Containers, Metal Parts

ADASA, Inc., recently introduced a "Foam Attached Tag" for businesses interested in attaching Gen2 RFID tags to metal parts and liquid containers in their supply chains. The Foam Attached Tag or "FAT" tag will give users of the PAD3500, the world's first Gen2 mobile RFID encoder, a convienent and reliable solution for any business wanting to use RFID technology on metals and liquid containers.

A key component of the PAD3500 is the patent pending SmartCartridge, which gives the PAD3500 mobile RFID tag encoder the ability to utilize Gen2 FAT tags. The FAT tags are approximately 5mm thick and incorporate a layer of foam which aids their ability to be used effectively on metals and liquid containers. The ADASA SmartCartridge also allows users to quickly change back and forth from FAT tags to the more traditional sub 1 mm Gen2 RFID tags.