Aug. 10, 2006
Optional Label Remover Bars Applying Defective Labels

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NJM/CLI will introduce the new Optional Label Removal System for its popular Auto-Colt III and Model 334 Charger pressure sensitive labelers at PackExpo Booth N-4206. Designed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers, the Optional Label Removal System eliminates defective labels being applied to bottles. By minimizing human intervention and product re-work, the new system improves product quality and reduces labor costs, according to the company.

Unlike traditional labeling systems that apply all the labels on a roll and subsequently reject bottles with defective labels, NJM/CLI’s Optional Label Removal System senses defective labels prior to application and transfers the defective labels to a separate label roll. This new system eases label reconciliation as well as product re-work.

NJM/CLI can retrofit Auto-Colt III and Model 334 Charger labelers in the field and supply new labelers with the Optional Label Removal System.

The Auto-Colt III and Model 334 Charger labelers both feature servo-driven label dispensers and stainless steel construction. They handle round, oval, square and rectangular containers. The Auto-Colt III achieves speeds up to 250 cpm while the Model 334 Charger handles up to 400 cpm or more.