Priority One Packaging Ltd.

July 7, 2006
Turntable Enables One System to Palletize Output from Multiple Production Lines

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Priority One introduces the new servo-driven rotary turntable for its popular Pro-Pal Multipal Rotary Palletizer, which the company will display at Pack Expo 2006, Booth #S-2671. By positioning multiple pallets on a rotary turntable, this one system can palletize the output of multiple production lines.

With its new turntable, the Pro-Pal Palletizer achieves up to 20 percent greater output, according to Priority One. This enhanced model loads product from three to eight production lines simultaneously onto three to eight pallets at speeds up to four layers per minute, depending on the application.

Available as a robotic and non-robotic multi-line, multi-pallet rotary palletizer, the Pro-Pal Palletizer maximizes productivity while minimizing floor space and maintenance requirements. Priority One’s rotary palletizer can simultaneously load different size cases, cartons, crates, bags or shrink-wrapped bundles or trays; it can form different layer patterns and palletize onto different size and style pallets. The system operates on demand and essentially unattended.

The Pro-Pal's new servo-driven rotary turntable increases the speed of the operation. Compared to a barrel cam-indexed turntable, the servo-driven turntable also achieves smooth acceleration and deceleration to help maintain stable pallet loads. Additionally, powered pallet conveyors on the turntable replace pop-up transfers, which also increases the speed of the system. Priority One can retrofit existing Pro-Pal Palletizers in the field with these new speed-enhancing features.

Using a low-level palletizing concept, the Pro-Pal Palletizer requires only 1.5 layers of case accumulation per production line. This design principle dramatically reduces case conveyor requirements, as well as the associated capital and maintenance costs, compared to high-level multi-line palletizers that require 1.5 full pallet loads of case accumulation.

The Pro-Pal Palletizers are modular in design, enabling them to fit into almost any plant layout. They can be equipped with a variety of options including slip sheet inserters, tier sheet inserters and multiple pallet magazines.

Priority One can design the system with up to three infeeds, stacked one above the other, which enables up to three separate layers to be formed simultaneously. With three infeeds, throughput is tripled without increasing the rate at which cases are handled. This approach speeds the palletizing operation while minimizing damage to delicate and/or extra heavy cases. Stacking the infeeds vertically conserves floor space. In applications where a case infeed is dedicated to handle the output of a single production line, no case accumulation upstream of the palletizer is required for that line.