Sept. 11, 2006
Flush-mount Enclosures Keep Contaminants at Bay

Responding to concerns of pharmaceutical manufacturers, Hoffman has introduced PharmaPro, a new standard series of stainless steel Type 4X flush-mount enclosures.The new models feature a low RA (Roughness Average) value finish that minimizes surface crevices, allowing a more thorough wipe-down. Designed for wall mounting, these enclosures also minimize exposed surfaces where dust, bacteria and other undesirable contaminants can accumulate.

“Hoffman’s PharmaPro line developed from research and extensive discussions with pharmaceutical manufacturers,” explained Mark Saunders, Hoffman Product Manager. “The design incorporates a number of features that ensure equipment protection, while also facilitating the cleanliness required in such environments.”

Constructed of 304 and 316 stainless steel, the PharmaPro flush-mount enclosure is suitable for stud and block wall installation and held securely by a patent-pending in-wall mounting system. Twenty-two screw or hinged cover models are available. Additionally, PharmaPro enclosures can be modified to meet customer requirements through Hoffman’s Modification Services.