American Thermal Instruments, Inc.

Nov. 10, 2006
RFID Sensor Tag is Strong Link in the Cold Chain

American Thermal Instruments Inc. (ATI), in partnership with Intelligent Devices Inc., has introduced an RFID-enabled temperature tracker for pharmaceutical cold chain customers. The Log-ic Temperature Tracker, a Class 3 RFID tag, supports CFR 21 Part 11 solutions and promises to facilitate better control over the pharmaceutical cold chain at a lower cost. Throughout the past year, Log-ic has been tested extensively in early adopter trials for transoceanic monitoring with industry leaders such as Sanofi, La Croix Rouge (French Red Cross), Pandol Brothers, Chiquita Brands and many others.

Log-ic is a light (under 1 oz.), 2-inch square, thin (0.1 inch) and flexible RFID sensor tag capable of processing up to 64,000 readings per trip. It is offered in calibration ranges from +/- 0.1 to +/- 1 Centigrade, both as single-trip disposable as well as re-usable versions. Log-ic tags can be programmed and their data collected via the CertiScan wireless 13.56 MHz RFID solution. Handheld data collection devices are expected to be available during the 4th quarter of 2006. Log-ic sensor tags and CertiScan RFID systems are available in commercial quantities.

About American Thermal Instruments, Inc. (ATI)

Since 1980, American Thermal Instruments, Inc. has been specializing in microencapsulation, microencapsulated liquid crystal thermometers, and temperature indicating devices.

About Intelligent Devices Inc. (IDI)

Intelligent Devices Inc. is a subsidiary of Information Mediary Corp. of Ottawa, Canada. IMC's team of smart packaging experts have developed a variety of RFID sensors and IAP (Intelligent Active Packaging) products, such as the Med-ic Digital Package, Log-ic Temperature Trackers, Log-ic ECM (Electronic Content Monitors), and the secure CertiScan 13.56 MHz RFID data exchange solution.

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