Nov. 13, 2006
Tamper-Evident Tape Keeps Tabs on Secondary Packaging

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At the recent Pack Expo 2006 in Chicago, DataLase (formerly Sherwood Technology) unveiled CASEMARK Tape, a cost-effective, tamper-evident label replacement solution for outer case secondary packaging. Featuring DataLase-coated tape, this fully integrated system produces a color change in the tape from white to black on exposure to a low-power, DataLase-approved CO2 laser. The laser-based print engine is highly efficient, with almost 100% production uptime, according to the company. The lifetime of the laser is over 30,000 hours and compared to thermally printed labels, requires little maintenance and no replacing of print heads due to wear and tear.

The new DataLase CASEMARK Tape offers a number of important benefits to the market. As the tape does not have any backing paper nor require any inks, ribbons or other costly consumables, the technique is much simpler, cheaper and more environmentally-friendly than traditional print-and-apply labels. Additionally, the "apply-and-print" technique enables information to be "printed" on the tape after the tape has been applied to the case, as opposed to traditional thermal labeling techniques, which require labels to be pre-printed and then matched to the correct carton late in the production cycle.

CASEMARK Tape also provides unique brand protection features, notes DataLase CEO Steve Kelly. As the DataLase chemistry is integrated in the tape material and uses such a low-power CO2 laser, it is possible to laser through the polypropylene surface of the tape (without affecting it), to effectively encase the image within the tape. It is virtually impossible to remove the image, even with chemicals or solvents. In addition, if the tape is removed from the carton after imaging has occurred, the image is automatically transferred to the box, leaving a permanent image as evidence.

Also at Pack Expo, DataLase announced it has opened a U.S. office. That address is:

DataLase Inc.
30 Technology Parkway South, Suite 300
Norcross, GA 30092