Markem Corp.

Nov. 9, 2006
Track & Trace Steps Up to Enterprise Level

Markem Corp. recently launched its enterprise coding and traceability solutions at Pack Expo 2006 in Chicago.

“Consumer goods manufacturers today face many demands that affect product identification,” said Jeff Miller, president of Markem Solutions. “From the drive to reduce recalls, to labeling regulations, to retailer requirements, these requirements are always growing. It is no longer enough to have stand-alone coding and labeling machines running independently from information systems. Leaders need to get ready with enterprise-level solutions.”

Markem enterprise coding and traceability solutions address these needs with standardized, scaleable, globally available solutions that ensure accurate identification on product packaging, while sharing information with SAP and other enterprise systems and allowing rapid reporting and production data analysis. Markem offers these solutions as a single-source provider, including Markem CoLOS software, Markem and third-party hardware, and Markem Professional Services.

“The new simple, reliable, highly integrated system helped reduce manual inputs and errors,” said a traceability project manager at Unilever. “It helps us ensure that we provide more accurate and timely replenishment of our warehouses.”

“Many consumer goods manufacturers are deploying new higher functionality business systems that can provide a single system of record and electronic interface to their customers,” said John Blanchard, principal analyst at ARC Advisory Group. “However, these companies need a factory floor traceability system like that provided by Markem, integrated with the business system to form a complete track and trace solution with the granularity, accuracy, and robustness needed to meet current and future business and regulatory requirements.”