Fette America

Dec. 18, 2006
High Containment System Lowers Operating Costs
Fette now offers its Absolut filtration/containment systems for containment and removal of active compound and toxic product dust during pharmaceutical production. The new system filters extremely fine dust particles and aerosols, bringing pharmaceutical processing contamination levels down well below the most stringent OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit).

Based on a proven design initially developed and utilized in the nuclear industry, the system provides an extremely low airborne dust level during handling via the use of two HEPA filters which allow cleaned air to be reintroduced back into the production area with no impact on room-to-hallway air balancing. It features the use of sub-micron particulate filter cassettes in both the active filter and safety filter stages, affording the ability to accept high levels of contaminants in the inlet air stream. It guarantees 24-hour system operation, the ability to dedust different tablet presses with one filter system without product cross contamination, and integrated weighing systems to provide records of the extracted quantities. With low installation and operating costs, the system can be used with coating pans, dedusters, granulating systems or tablet presses.