Tekni-Films, a Tekni-Plex Company

Dec. 26, 2006
Thermoformed Blister Links Each Cavity with Dessicant

Tekni-Films introduces its Tekniflex modified atmopshere blister (MAB) package, a combination of Tekniflex PCTFE blister and CSP Technologies' Activ-Strip polyethylene dessicant, creating a transparent thermoformed PCTFE blister exceeding the headspace protective properties of aluminum packaging.

The Tekniflex MAB package takes the barrier properties of 2- and 3-layer PCTFE laminates beyond those of cold-formed foil, incorporating one or more of CSP Technologies’ polyethylene dessicant Activ-Strips into the rib design of the blister card, linking every cavity with the dessicant.

The patented technology makes it possible to reduce headspace moisture content to extend the shelf life of products. The Activ-Strip does not come in contact with the product, it is dust free, and complies with all relevant EU and US pharma and food regulations. Performance can be tailored by using different sheet thicknesses, sheet sizes (surface area), and dessicants (molecular sieve or silica gel).