Priority One Packaging Ltd.

Jan. 3, 2007
Cold Glue Labelers Attain Speeds up to 400 cpm

Priority One introduces the enhanced Langguth 200 series of inline cold glue labelers, featuring fewer change parts and more automation, increasing productivity and ease of operation, especially in high changeover environments. All five models within the 200 Series, from the E204 that achieves up to 60 cpm, to the E224 that achieves up to 400 cpm, offer simple operation and fewer change parts. Unlike most cold glue labelers, all five models within the series can be changed over in 2-5 minutes and require less than $2000 in change parts, with no tools required.

With a patented adjustable label magazine and redesigned glue roller, the 200 Series labelers are easy to operate, minimizing operator training requirements. The high-speed models that handle 200 cpm or above feature a stationary label magazine that can be refilled while the labeler is operating at full production speeds. Unlike many competitive systems, these labelers do not require a dedicated operator – generally the only task is to refill the label magazine.

The Langguth 200 Series labelers can handle cylindrical and slightly conical containers from 1.5 to 5.5 inches in diameter, applying wrap-around, patch and shaped labels made of paper or plastic. The standard models can apply labels from 2 to 9-1/2 inches in height and from 3-3/8 to 21 inches in length, with other options available. The series can be optimized with the addition of an ink jet coder, label inspection with eject device, double scroll for unstable containers and zero clearance transfers. The labelers are CE marked and all electronics meet UL and CSA standards.