Unette Corp.

Jan. 3, 2007
Tear-Top Tube Allows Resealing after Initial Dispensing

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Unette now offers its Tear n’ Tuck recloseable tube designed for liquid, cream and ointment products that require multiple applications. The easy-open tear-top tube features a fold-and-tuck precision application tip that allows the tube to be tightly resealed after initial dispensing of the product, and is available in a wide variety of tip designs, orifice dimensions, package sizes and fills. The package can be customized to accommodate any need, from measured doses to product flow, and can be quickly hot stamped or produced using pre-printed material.

The Tear n’ Tuck Tube offers small quantity runs and abbreviated lead times for customer orders with an average turnaround time of just weeks, making it ideal for pharmaceutical applications such as eye drops, ear drops and topical ointments.

Unette is equipped to receive customer bulk product in nearly any vessel, including pails, drum totes, and tank trucks, offering an indoor tank truck station to unload bulk liquids in quantities up to 6,000 gallons per truck directly to the filling line or to a tote filling station.