Norwood Marking Systems

Jan. 5, 2007
Carton Coder Offers Thermal Transfer or Hot Foil Printing

Norwood Marking Systems / Allen Coding Systems introduces the versatile BDSV family of off-line carton coders, available with either thermal transfer or hot foil printing technology, for a wide range of applications including cartons, sleeves, blister packs and leaflets at high production speeds.

Unlike traditional off-line carton coding systems that use belt drives, the BDSV transports product from the hopper through the printhead with a vacuum drive, enabling it to handle complex shapes, odd sizes and thinner material while achieving excellent registration. Unlike belt roller systems, which necessitate a “dead area” within the print area, the vacuum drive allows print anywhere within the capability of the print head.

The BDSV handles carton blanks in sizes from 3.5 x 3.2 inches (90 x 80 mm) up to 12.4 x 12.4 inches (315 x 315 mm). If equipped with the NX4 thermal transfer printer, the BDSV can achieve a print area as large as 4.20 x 3.54 inches (107 x 90 mm), or with the 60/35S hot stamp printer, it can produce a print area up to 2.4 x 1.4 inches (60 x 35 mm).

Rapid product changes can be accomplished in only two minutes, without tools or change parts, with the BDSV’s adjustable feeder and position indicators. Machine parameters such as speed, index length and batch quantity are easily changed via the keypad. It operates at speeds of up to 295 feet (90 m) per minute, handling up to 160 cartons per minute, and can print batch and production codes, expiration and sell-by dates, logos, barcodes and other graphics, depending on the capabilities of the printhead that is integrated.

It sits on castor wheels for mobility, is manufactured from stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and comes standard with a batch counter and low-foil warning with auto stop. A wide range of options are availble, including bar code scanners/verifiers, blob detectors, vision inspection and print verification to assure the highest quality product. The extra-long BDSVL can be fitted with multiple printheads so a single run on a four-printhead system achieves the same results as four passes on a single-printhead system.