Jan. 5, 2007
Charger's Redundant Labeling Head Eliminates Roll Changes

NJM/CLI introduces its high speed model 334 charger with redundant label dispensers. Featuring two front and two back label dispensers integrated on one pressure sensitive labeler, the system’s redundant labeling head configuration maximizes productivity by eliminating the downtime associated with label roll changes and various machine faults, and achieves continuous, non-stop operation with no missing labels or double-labeled products.

This versatile charger can be equipped to label two different products mixed together on a production line with each product’s unique set of labels. With labels for one product on one set of front and back dispensers and labels for the second product on the other set of front and back dispensers, and a sensor that identifies the color of the product, the labeler can be programmed to trigger the correct label to be applied to the product.

Labeling up to 300 containers per minute, the servo-driven model 334 handles round, oval, square and rectangular containers from 1 to 14 inches in height and from 5/8 to 6-7/8 inches in diameter. It can apply front, back and wrap around labels as well as single and multi-panel labels. The labeler features a sanitary-style raised bed conveyor and stainless steel construction and can be equipped to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.