Flexicon America Inc.

Jan. 9, 2007
Machine Automates Liquid Filling, Improves Ergonomics

Precision filling and capping of diagnostic products into vials and small bottles has been transformed by Flexicon America from a labor intense and often precision-variable filling operation into an efficient automatic process that delivers accurate fills and provides precision torque to secure closures in a seamless automatic process.

The Flexicon model FF30 tabletop filling and capping machine is designed as a step up from manual filling for batch sizes between 100 to 2,000 units or more per day. The automatic filling process eliminates fill inaccuracies and eliminates operator strain injuries resulting from repetitive torquing of the closures.

The easy-to-clean, peristaltic filler features precision accuracy, consistent torque, fast format changeover and quick and efficient certification because product comes in direct contact only with disposable sterile tubing and the filling needle. Adjustments to accommodate variations in product viscosity is made through the selection of the appropriate tubing dimension. All format parts are mounted by easy-access finger screws.

Vials and bottles between 12 and 50 mm are filled, fitted with a closure and fully torqued to a pre-set setting in an automatically controlled progression. Fill volumes from between 0.1ml to 100 ml are filled with an accuracy of +/-0.5%.