Videojet Technologies Inc.

Jan. 23, 2007
Laser Marking System Provides Low Power, High Performance

The new Videojet 3120 10-watt laser marking system delivers best-in-class marking speed, complex marking capabilities and easy integration for a wide range of permanent coding applications, according to the manufacturer.

With a marking speed of up to 1,200 characters per second and line speeds up to 10 meters per second, the Videojet 3120 is the fastest laser coder in its class, Videojet claims. Fast scanners and high-speed digital signal processing are used to provide consistently high-quality, permanent marking with no degradation of code clarity, even at high line speeds.

The Videojet 3120 marks complex, multi-line alphanumeric messages, foreign language fonts, graphics, symbols and machine-readable codes. The laser can readily apply a variety of code types: expiration and manufacture dates; ticket numbers and line codes, ID matrix and bar codes; logos and symbols; and individual data such as serial numbers, batch and lot codes, contents and weight specifications.

The Videojet 3120’s compact design and flexible components allow it to integrate easily into production lines, according to the company. The system can be controlled using a handheld controller or online via an external device such as a programmable logic controller, PC or a host computer with Ethernet or RS232 capabilities. SmartGraph Windows-based software provides multiple password-protected security levels. To fit into tight spaces, the Videojet 3120’s head can be detached and positioned for even the most intricate marking jobs, and is capable of 0-degree (straight-out) or 90-degree laser output.

The Videojet 3120 can mark a range of products and materials, including special pharmaceutical boxes; paper, cardboard and carton packages; and PET containers.