Feb. 28, 2007

The DataLase Process Delivers High Resolution, Consistently Verifiable Bar Codes for Secondary Packaging
(FEBRUARY 28, 2007) – DataLase announces that its award-winning DataLase process delivers high resolution, consistently verifiable bar codes onto secondary packaging quickly and efficiently. In contrast to traditional ‘variable’ printing techniques such as thermal or ink-jet printers, the print quality and readability of bar codes produced by the DataLase process is excellent. The DataLase process is attuned to produce highly precise and contrasted symbologies with exact bar and space dimensions.
The DataLase process produces high quality bar codes in full compliance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Scanability Trends Index (STI) grading systems.
DataLase produces bar codes that achieve a consistent grade C and above when printed on brown corrugate while on white corrugate, the bar codes achieved are of a grade B or higher. Conventional printing methods on the other hand, produce dull, low-resolution images and are also prone to ‘bleeding’. As a result, these bar codes receive a grade D or even F.
The print quality of barcodes is of utmost importance for suppliers and retailers. Products with poor quality bar codes are returned to suppliers who can be charged with high fines, some as high as 10 percent of the purchase order amount. Retailers waste significant time and money by having to return goods with illegible and unverifiable barcodes. In turn, such conditions result in potentially insufficient stock reserves to cope with customer demand. Furthermore, poor quality bar codes slow logistics and throughput, introduce labor intensive corrective action, produce user discontent and decrease data reliability and accuracy.
Featuring a white pigment, DataLase ink is applied to packaging substrates at either the printing or converting stages, and once exposed to a low power CO2 laser the pigment undergoes a chemical reaction, turning it from white to black.
Trevor Wilson, VP of Global Sales, comments: “By using the DataLase process to print consistently verifiable bar codes on packaging, suppliers and retailers are able to log, track and identify any product throughout the distribution network efficiently and quickly.”
More information about the award-winning DataLase process is available at or by e-mail at [email protected] (for USA) and [email protected] (for all other enquiries).
Background to DataLase:
DataLase, the originator of the award-winning DataLase process, is a fast growing technology company, providing patented, innovative laser marking solutions across a diverse range of sectors. With its headquarters in Widnes, UK, DataLase also has a significant US operation based in Atlanta, Georgia. The patented DataLase process is suitable for applications including product identification and anti-counterfeiting. The company’s product range incorporates specialist solutions for primary and secondary packaging, as well as alternatives to print-and-apply labels. DataLase is also developing applications such as direct tablet and food marking as well as full color printing for the future.
Head Office: DataLase, Unit 3, Wheldon Road, Widnes, Cheshire WA8 8FW
US Office: DataLase Inc., 30 Technology Parkway South, Suite 300, Norcross, GA  30092