Alphacos SA

March 29, 2007
New Machine Assembles Pre-Filled Syringes into Safety Devices

Alphacos SA has introduced its Type 211 machine, which assembles pre-filled syringes into safety devices. This compact system satisfies the need for safer practices due to the growing occurrences of needlestick injuries among healthcare workers worldwide.

The new Type 211 machine, manufactured in Switzerland, works with all marketed safety devices and offers quick and easy size changeovers. The continuous motion, single-belt transport system provides smooth, precise and efficient handling combined with quiet operation, according to the company.

The mechanical system can achieve an output of approximately 350 assemblies per minute with Reject and Good discharge streams. The Type 211 machine has been engineered to be evolutive, allowing customers to add a module for the assembly of back stops, if required.

The Type 211 machine features stainless steel exposed metal surfaces and provides ample access to the workstations for easy washdown.

A video control system verifies that syringes are correctly placed into their safety devices and automatically rejects defective assemblies.

A touch screen operator interface terminal with intuitive graphic displays eases use to simplify operator training and help assure the system operates at optimal performance.