Unette Corp.

April 4, 2007
Contract Filler Offers Fast Turnaround on Most Containers, Quantities

Unette Corp., an FDA-approved supplier of contract filling for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care industries, has the ability to fill and cap virtually any container from 3 to 300cc. These include standard bottles, sample-size bottles, recloseable and single-use tubes, spray bottles, plastic and glass jars and unique bottle designs, such as those with off-center or angled necks.

In addition to filling, Unette also has labeling, sealing, secondary packaging, ink-jet coding, and P.O.P. material capability to manage the entire process.  Unette can work with finished product as well as active ingredients or concentrates, which they can blend with the vehicle of the customer’s choice.

Unette is also equipped to receive bulk product in nearly every kind of vessel including pails, drum totes and tank trucks. Unette’s indoor truck station allows for bulk liquids to be unloaded directly to the filling line or to a tote-filling station in quantities of up to 6,000 gallons per truck. This automated, all-stainless system is complete with clean-in-place features for continuous, uninterrupted production.