Multisorb Technologies

April 27, 2007
Oxygen Scavenger in Canister Provides Protection

Multisorb Technologies on Apr. 24 introduced its StabilOx Canisters at Interphex 2007. This new format offers the same performance as Multisorb’s StabilOx Packets in the management of moisture and oxygen to protect against oxidative degradation of the drug product in its packaging. StabilOx canisters provide oxygen scavenging and moisture regulation capabilities to pharmaceutical manufacturers with production lines configured for traditional canister formats.

StabilOx Canisters resolve product instability issues caused by oxidation and moisture-related degradation by eliminating oxygen from the packaged environment, thereby reducing the rate of oxidative degradation of the drug product. Unlike traditional inorganic oxygen scavengers, StabilOx canisters also regulate moisture within packaging while maintaining the desired Equilibrium Relative Humidity (ERH) critical for retaining product integrity, performance, and stability throughout the supply chain.

StabilOx canisters are composed of FDA-grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which requires no additional stability testing and offers effective adsorption rates to protect the integrity of drug compositions.

Additionally, it can withstand irradiation for final product sterilization. The canister is virtually non-dusting, eliminating the potential for product contamination. Its ends are precision welded for increased structural strength and stay sealed even under extreme pressure.

Sized to be fully-compatible with high-speed packaging systems and dispensing equipment, StabilOx canisters allow manufacturers to avoid costly investments in alterations to the production line.