Innovative Molding

May 1, 2007
Lightweight Closures Boost Production Efficiencies

Innovative Molding introduces its patented TaperStack closures in 63mm, 89mm, 110mm and 120mm sizes. TaperStack caps feature a stacking shelf located within each closure, which enables the caps to nest together, forming stacked logs that protect the closures’ shape during shipping and warehousing. This design allows Innovative Molding to reduce the gram weight of its closures by more than 20 percent while maintaining a high level of structural integrity.

TaperStack closures increase the production efficiencies of automated capping operations by improving the consistency of proper seating on jars. This is achieved by preserving the concentric shape of the caps via the nested stack. Additionally, the unique tapered edge of the caps reduces the incidence of cross threading during capping operations.

TaperStack closures improve packaging sustainability through source reduction and case utilization. In comparison to traditional tumble packed closures, TaperStack caps allow 40 to 60 percent more closures per case and per pallet. This results in 40 to 60 percent less packing materials, significantly less freight costs and fewer trips to the warehouse during capping operations.

The company notes that, as the lightest weight large caps on the market, TaperStack caps reduce environmental impact while offering all the benefits of heavier closures. In a nested stack, the weakest part of the lid (the bottom edge of the skirt) is firmly supported by the strongest part (the top of the adjacent lid). Thus, the nested stack maintains closure appearance and provides rigidity, which preserves the concentric shape of the closure to eliminate warping.

TaperStack closures are available with various rib finishes and liner innerseals. To maximize the closure’s branding potential, Innovative Molding can decorate the closures with custom embossing, debossing or printing. TaperStack closures are ideal for liquid and dry products, including products that are hot filled and ambient filled, packed in glass and plastic containers. TaperStack helps achieve a long shelf life for shelf stable and refrigerated products.