Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc.

May 16, 2007
Sealant Provides Cost-Effective, Clean-Peel Solution for Pouches

Proprietary Allegro T sealant from Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc. offers a high performance, cost-effective way to seal to uncoated Tyvek yet retain the features of a coated product. Allegro T technology provides a solution for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers looking to achieve fiber-free peels, consistent seal strength and minimize costs for chevron pouches.

Polyester/polyethylene, the traditional default material for chevron pouches which utilize an uncoated Tyvek, provides challenges when trying to ensure consistently clean peels. Further, polyester/polyethylene has a narrow (approximately 10° F) operating window with inconsistent seal strength.  Achieving seal strength targets is further complicated by the fact that the seal strength is directly proportional to the thickness of the Tyvek.

Allegro T offers a wider operating window (approximately 35° F), and also offers a consistent seal strength regardless of where in the temperature range the seal is activated, according to the company. Because the strength of the seal is controlled by the Allegro T chemistry, seal strength is independent of Tyvek thickness.

The fiber-free peels provided by Allegro T to Tyvek are enhanced by the same creamy white adhesive transfer that is achieved when pricier coated Tyvek is used.  Allegro T has good thermal and dimensional stability, and it is suitable for ethylene oxide or gamma sterilization.

Allegro T can be extrusion-coated, adhesive-laminated or can be extruded into the film, depending on the application and performance requirements. Suitable applications include a broad variety of sterile medical and pharmaceutical products which use chevron pouches. Because the seal strength is so consistent over a broad range of temperature, pressure, and dwell settings, validating the process and statistically demonstrating a one pound/inch seal strength is easily achievable.