Sigpack Systems AG

June 1, 2007
Hermetic Wrapping System Increases Operational Efficiency

Sigpack Systems recently helped Warner-Chilcott solve a birth control blister pack manufacturing problem by supplying them with their hermetic wrapping system. The ergonomic touch screens and built-in logic help enable individual operators to control the entire system - a system which manages the four product components (blister, wallet holder, patient insert and desiccant) seamlessly, and can handle a consistent feed rate of 200 units per minute. 

All components entering the wrapper chain are verified.  The system includes a sophisticated feeding control which verifies the presence of each component with an integrated latch out function to reduce waste.  Only a product properly wrapped with all the components is able to travel on to the downstream cartoner.  Since the product carrier chain and cross-crimper head are operated by independent servo drives, Sigpack Systems is able to incorporate a “no gap / no-seal” feature, thus providing the benefit that the heads will not come down on the components should they be positioned incorrectly within the film tube.  Any invalid product is rejected and the rejection is verified in accordance with pharmaceutical industry requirements – all without any break in the system’s operation.

Sigpack Systems uses a vision system to verify the print on the individually wrapped blisters and to keep a log of this process for traceability purposes.  Any incorrect data is detected and triggers the rejection of the product.