MG America

June 25, 2007
Side-Load Case Packer Easy to Use and Maintain

MG America will be exhibiting its GSL 20 Side Load Case Packer and the Schmucker 16-Lane Pouch Filler (Model Tube/S) in Booth #S-5313 at Pack Expo, Oct. 15-17 in Las Vegas.

MG America designed the GSL20 model horizontal case-packer to maximize operator accessibility as well as safety, ease of use and ease of maintenance. The main machine movements are controlled by servomotors and a pneumatic system is used only for its secondary movements, enhancing reliability.

Size change-over for the case-packing section does not require the replacement of any parts, but is carried out using hand-wheels with millimetric reference scales and panel adjustments to adapt the GSL20 to the new dimensions of the case to be handled. For the product in-feed section, machine users only need to change the pusher plate and the hopper to perform a size change-over quickly and easily.

Cases can be closed with tape or hot-melt glue, depending on the user's requirements.

The standard GSL20 includes a color touch-screen for the machine function control. Optionally, the GSL20 can be supplied with an industrial PC that features a touch-screen monitor and Windows XP and MG2 software, in conformance with 21 CFR part 11.

Additional options include:

  • product-orienting unit at in-feed
  • case flap open check device
  • case turning at out-feed
  • code reader
  • case-labeling unit
  • case-printing unit
  • reject unit for cases with non-conforming code or printing