Videojet Technologies Inc.

July 17, 2007
Thermal Transfer Overprinter Boasts Greater Speed, Throughput

The Videojet DataFlex Plus thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) from Videojet Technologies Inc. has been modified to accomodate higher print speeds and up to 25 percent greater throughput. The enhancements, standard on all new units and an upgradable option on existing units, allows the DataFlex Plus to print at speeds up to 40 inches per second (1,000 mm per second) and code in excess of 425 packages per minute, depending on ribbon width and application. 

Additionally, the DataFlex Plus also is now fully capable of displaying and printing Arabic language characters. With full downloadable font support using Windows TrueType fonts, the DataFlex Plus supports user-entered text in 19 different languages — including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Turkish.

The unit features a simple ribbon cassette, making changeovers fast and virtually fail-safe. An 8.4-inch SVGA graphical user interface and color touch screen features easy-to-learn, icon-based controls. The standard WYSIWYG job display features a job preview zoom facility to reduce operator error and minimize the potential for printing incorrect codes.

The DataFlex Plus has the built-in capability to change between intermittent and continuous modes in right-hand or left-hand operation. Serial, Ethernet and USB communications are standard, and it also has the ability to manage up to four printers from one controller, delivering a simple solution for applications that require more than one printing system.