Multisorb Technologies

Aug. 23, 2007
New Sorbents Concentrate on Preserving Potency

Multisorb Technologies will showcase its Multiform Coated Solid Form (CSF) sorbents for nutraceutical applications at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2007 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth # S-5309.  CSF technology provides advanced moisture protection by increasing the level of functional desiccation per unit volume, inhibiting moisture-mediated degradation in sensitive nutraceutical formulations.  Through condensed density technology, CSF sorbents deliver twice the moisture protection in the same dimensional space as a typical loose-fill desiccant according to the company.

By concentrating silica gel, activated carbon, or a combination of both, Multiform CSF sorbents provide protection against moisture, odor and volatile organic compounds to maintain product efficacy and shelf life.

Multiform CSF sorbents are developed with a proprietary, pharmaceutical-grade color coating to distinguish the sorbent from the nutraceutical tablets. The sorbent material can also be custom-designed to “snap” into a nutraceutical bottle cap or fit snugly at the bottom of the bottle, saving space inside the bottle to accommodate more products. The coating also limits chipping, dusting, and chalking, while its smooth surface allows clear printing of warning labels on all sides.

The Multiform CSF sorbent can be precision-shaped into a number of configurations that fit individual packaging requirements, eliminating the need for manufacturers to conform packaging to accommodate a sorbent.

CSF can be substituted for canisters using the existing dispensing equipment on nutraceutical packaging lines, and its smooth, edge-free coating minimizes potential equipment downtime. As a concentrated solid, the technology attempts to eliminate any danger of production line contamination resulting from silica gel beads or granules escaping the canister.