Oct. 23, 2007
Gamma Radiation-Resistant RFID Tags Store Data

AdvantaPure introduces the GammaTag - first and only read/write RFID (radio frequency identification) tag that can be safely sterilized by gamma radiation according to the company.

GammaTag provides electronic data storage of single-use bioprocess components and other parts from inception to disposal. It also uses read/write RFID technology to identify critical process components in the pharmaceutical, bioprocess/biomedical, food and beverage, and medical device industries.

This technology is able to record and access the current status of process components on the spot, or use simply for identification (part number, lot number, gamma sterilization date, etc.)
GammaTag can attach to process equipment components such as sample and production bags, tanks, filters, manifolds, tubing and hose, storage containers, or complete single-use systems, boxes or pallets undergoing gamma radiation sterilization, dosimeters, and medical devices.