OYSTAR USA Pharmaceutical Packaging Division

Jan. 23, 2008
New Pharma Packaging Entity Offers Blister Pack Machines

The OYSTAR USA Pharmaceutical Packaging Division (formerly IWKA PacSystems) offers its BP Series of BlisterPack machines, designed to provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with enhanced convenience, ease of operation, and regulatory compliance.  The advanced technology built into the OYSTAR IWK BP Series is highlighted by servo-drive performance, balcony style design and a positive transfer system.
The balcony style design of the OYSTAR IWK BP Series separates the drives of the machine from the product contact areas, simplifying the line cleaning and clearance process.

The OYSTAR IWK BP Series is completely driven by independent servos that enable the adjustment of individual process times without affecting the rest of the stations.

In addition, the OYSTAR IWK BP Series’ positive transfer system ensures that blisters are always guided, transported through the machine in a continuous controlled fashion to eliminate the potential for jamming.

The OYSTAR IWK BP Series BlisterPack machines can package up to 600 blisters per minute, and are available in either intermittent or continuous motion models.

Previously known throughout the industry as IWKA, the newly formed OYSTAR is one focused group of companies exclusively dedicated to the processing and packaging needs of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dairy and food markets. The new company name, OYSTAR is derived from “oyster,” nature’s single-source solution to process and packaging which reflects the group’s capabilities.

OYSTAR USA is the new name of the New Jersey-based organization that oversees the sales, service and support for a collected group of former IWKA (now OYSTAR) machinery manufacturing sister companies serving the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries in North America.  OYSTAR USA has three divisions: the Pharmaceutical Packaging Division, the Pharmaceutical Process Division, and the Food Packaging Division.