Mettler-Toledo Safeline

March 11, 2008
Updated Tablex 2 for Metal Detection in Tableting Room

Mettler-Toledo Safeline presents the Tablex 2 metal detector to safeguard pharmaceutical and nutraceutical tablets from metal contaminants in compliance with Good Manufacturing Processes.

Physical contaminants can be introduced to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products in several ways including raw material from suppliers, broken or chipped mixing blades, damaged screens and sieves and from metal on metal tablet and capsule molding processes. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) necessitates having product inspection safeguards in place at critical control points in your process including the mixing/milling room, the tableting room and in final packaging areas.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline Tablex metal detectors are designed specifically for high speed inspection of tablets and capsules being discharged from molding presses.  The Tablex 2 metal detector employs new filtering techniques with advanced coil technology to deliver online sensitivity to all metal types.

It easily fits into any press output configuration with robust low profile casters for mobility and three-axis head adjustment flexibility.  Tablets and capsules slide through the metal detector head in a chute and an integrated side-diverter or lift-flap reject mechanism automatically removes contaminated product from the flow.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline metal detectors offer integral Performance Validation Routines (PVR) to alert you when performance testing is due and walk QA personnel through the step-by-step process.  Metal detectors are OPC-compliant and designed to connect with manufacturing data management system for remote operation and monitoring.