Videojet Technologies Inc.

Aug. 25, 2008
Continuous Ink Printer Automatically Sets Up and Adjusts to Environmental Changes

The Videojet 1510 small-character continuous ink jet printer from Videojet Technologies Inc. is the first in a new line of printers that sets a higher standard in marking and coding performance for maximum uptime. The Videojet 1510 is easy to operate through its intuitive user interface and a simplified fluid replacement system with the industry’s first microchip-enabled fluid bottles, called Smart Cartridges. A unique printhead automatically sets up and adjusts to environment changes, resulting in consistently sharp print quality in even the most challenging environments.

“The Videojet 1510 design is a direct result of extensive feedback from Videojet customers who indicated that production line uptime and consistently high print quality were their top coding concerns,” says Scott Benigni, Videojet small character ink jet product manager. “Videojet has responded with a small character ink jet printer with ‘smart’ features that virtually eliminate operator mistakes and provide long intervals between maintenance, facilitating uptime peace of mind.”

Designed for medium-duty applications that involve printing codes roughly 16 to 20 hours per day/six days per week, the Videojet 1510 is ideal for the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and personal care/cosmetic industries. It is the first release in the new Videojet 1000 Line of small character continuous ink jet printers.

No mess, no waste, no mistake

The Videojet 1510 features the industry’s first Smart Cartridges, which are fluid bottles with a microchip that identifies whether compatible fluid has been installed, to prevent errors in ink types or switching make-up and ink bottles. Smart Cartridges are uniquely shaped to drain completely, wasting no residual ink to further reduce costs. A needle-and-septum design eliminates the need for operators to pour ink, preventing fluid spillage and waste.

The integrated core, which consolidates the printer’s key ink system components into one part, requires preventative maintenance only every 9,000 hours, or 18 months for medium-duty applications. A countdown meter on the user interface indicates time remaining until the core must be changed. Core changeout is simple and mess-free; it is designed to be customer-replaceable in 30 minutes without requiring a visit from a trained technician.

Consistently sharp print quality

Coding applications can happen in extremely diverse environments, which is why Videojet developed the Dynamic Calibration feature.

“Extreme hot and cold conditions can interfere with ink viscosity, which affects print sharpness and quality,” Benigni says. “The Videojet 1510 printhead automatically adjusts based on changes in the environment to ensure consistent code quality regardless of the current conditions. That means operators don’t need to spend time manually adjusting the printhead.”

Integrating the Videojet 1510 is simple via its USB port, which allows for hot-swapping print jobs and backing up messages. The convenience of off-site control and diagnostics via Ethernet capability through Connector software allows for simple, seamless real-time message changes. Trouble-shooting is a simple matter of pressing a button on the operator interface; a pop-up window assists the operator in assessing the issue and resolving it.