OYSTAR USA Process Division

March 19, 2009
Tablet Press Increases Production Output by 30%

The OYSTAR USA Process Division introduces the OYSTAR Manesty Xpress WiP range of tablet presses. The Xpress WiP line offers a “Wash in Place” system designed to reduce down time for cleaning and protect operators from product exposure. Additional key features include a one-piece die table that allows for the addition of stations without modifying its diameter; a lifting mechanism that tilts the press for improved drainage during the wash cycle; and a new design that pneumatically lifts the feeder from the die table during the wash cycle for a thorough cleaning of the inside of the feeder.

The Xpress WiP’s one-piece die table, which allows for additional stations to be added without modifying its diameter, increases production output by 30%. Product yield is maximized by combining the “Zero Clearance Feeder” with the smooth-surface die table, which eliminates gaps between the die plate pockets and outer bodies. The one-piece design also simplifies product set-up and reduces changeover times by eliminating the use of individual dies and fittings, such as die screws.

To help reduce the overall cleaning time and create a faster and more natural draining system, the WiP features an in-built lifting mechanism that tilts the entire press on a two degree angle to direct water to the drainage point.

The Xpress WiP’s feeder is designed to be lifted pneumatically from the die table during the wash cycle, allowing for a complete flushing out of any powder left in the feeder or product residues in the die table. The new design also enables the feeder to be self-leveling against the die table to provide a tight seal and minimize product loss.

Additional key benefits and features of the Xpress WiP include:

  • A washable compression zone with corrosion-resistant parts
  • An automated recipe-driven washing operation
  • Designed to suit a range of active products
  • Removal of lower cam track and punches at the same time as the turret