Sigpack RAx Stick Pack System from Bosch Offers Accurate Dosing and Secure Sealing at High Speeds

May 16, 2011
Sigpack RAx Stick Pack System from Bosch Offers Accurate Dosing and Secure Sealing at High Speeds
  • Turnkey forming, filling, sealing and packing of stick packs
  • Advanced dosing and sealing technology
  • Different options for material, product and secondary packaging
Bosch  Packaging  Systems, a Bosch  Packaging  Technology company announces the launch of its new Sigpack RAx Stick Pack system for the primary and secondary packaging of free-flowing products at Interpack 2011 in Düsseldorf. Suitable for handling a wide range of granules, powders, pellets and piece goods, the flexible system can handle a variety of materials, products and secondary packaging options. The Sigpack RAx is a turnkey solution, able to form, fill and seal up to 1,000 stick packs per minute and pack cartons at a speed of up to 120 cartons per minute. Efficiency and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) are supported through the system’s high and reliable output.Bosch designed the compact Sigpack RAx in response to a recent surge in popularity for the stick pack format, a long, slim packet that is sealed at both ends to provide perfect content preservation and high product differentiation. Products as diverse as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, baking ingredients, drinking chocolate and various food products can be packaged efficiently and in small quantities of one to three grams with the new system. The stick pack offers cost and material savings of up to 20 percent compared with other packaging solutions.The Sigpack RAx’s leading-edge dosing and sealing technology ensures precise filling and seal integrity at high speeds to protect product safety and quality. The Sigpack RAx is also equipped to satisfy individual product demands with different dosing options. Auger fillers are available for poorly flowing powders to direct the product while tipping fillers can be integrated for easy-flow products like granulates, pellets or mini tablets. The ten-lane stick pack machine guarantees accuracy through a weight control system that checks each finished stick pack before counting, grouping and cartoning.Offering an unprecedented level of flexibility, the Sigpack RAx can handle a number of secondary packaging styles and options. The stick packs can be placed in the carton in single or double layers, which generates valuable savings in space, transport and storage. For the secondary packaging of large quantities of stick packs, the system can place the items randomly in cartons by means of integrated side loading or top loading solutions. “Stick pack systems present high requirements, including exact dosing, and tight and reliable seals. Bosch was able to answer these with the Sigpack RAx, which not only provides a reliably high output and format flexibility, but also offers a highly integrated, compact layout to reduce floor space and production costs,” said Uwe Jansen, Vice President Product Line Freeflow and Service Support, Bosch Packaging Systems.