Bosch: Pack 301 IN Inverted Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Feb. 13, 2012
Bosch: Pack 301 IN Inverted Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Bosch Packaging Technology introduces the Pack 301 IN Inverted Horizontal Flow Wrapper. As an inverted flow wrapper, the Pack 301 IN gently transports the product by carrying it on top of the film from the former through the cutting head, minimizing jams and ensuring superior package appearance. The machine is particularly ideal for the packaging of soft products, multi-packs, and other products that are difficult to handle using a traditional upright flow wrapper design. The new Pack 301 IN complements the Pack 301 series wrappers and can be combined with the new long dwell sealing system found on the Pack 301 LD for inverted applications that require air-tight sealing.

The Pack 301 IN has a modular film backstand that can be located in various positions relative to the infeed and wrapper. This allows users to optimize the film path while enhancing the package appearance, which results in minimal film waste and fewer rejects.

To meet various manufacturer needs, the Pack 301 IN can integrate with a variety of infeeds such as flighted, lug-less, trough style and belt feeders. Additionally, the finwheel assembly can be easily raised or lowered to accommodate products of different heights, enabling short changeovers.

“For products that are difficult to handle or need to be gently handled, manufacturers seek a machine that offers superior performance, reduces rejects while maintaining an enhanced appearance. The Pack 301 IN meets all of these requirements, particularly for manufacturers in the produce, confectionery, bakery and snack industries,” said Jon Otto, product manager, Bosch Packaging Technology. ”The Pack 301 IN also offers a full range of options that our customers have come to depend on in the Pack Series family.”

The horizontal flow wrapper features an open access design to speed cleaning and reduce downtime. Catch pans and deck plates are easily removable, while hinged guide rails allow easy access for loading product and clearing any jams. 

PACK EXPO Las Vegas, held September 26-28, is one of the most important processing and packaging shows of the industry in North America. More than 1,600 companies present their latest innovations to an international audience coming from more than 75 countries worldwide. Bosch Packaging Technology will showcase its exhibits at booth C-1423 in the Central Hall.