Romaco North America Noack 900 Series Blister Machines

June 24, 2015
Romaco North America (N.A.) offers the Noack 900 Series of blister machines

Romaco North America (N.A.) announces the Noack 900 Series of blister machines. Offering high levels of automation with servo and automated controls to ensure operator-independent precision, the 900 series includes two models: the 930, which can produce up to 480 blisters per minute in a maximum of four rows within a forming area of 155x180 mm; and the Noack 960, which can produce up to 700 blisters per minute with up to six rows, and has a maximum forming area of 225x180 mm. Both are capable of a forming depth of up to 12 mm.

Both blister machines in the Noack 900 series can be supplied with either platen or rotary sealing. Other highlights include a balcony structure that ensures cGMP compliance, as well as integrated track & trace and containment solutions.

Additional customer-driven features include:

  • The machines' Ergonomic Design incorporates plug-and-play devices for convenient handling and easy assembly as well as reduced format sets resulting in quick product changes and lower purchasing costs. The 900 Series' tooling's lightweight construction affords quicker release of format parts, and a fail-safe control system avoids complications and guarantees faster, more reliable return to production.
  • QuickFeed is an interchangeable feeding system allowing product changeovers to be completed in a matter of seconds. With a second feeding unit installed, the ensuing batch can be produced seamlessly while, in parallel, the first unit can be cleaned and retooled. 
  • Thanks to Romaco's QuickChange philosophy, complete changeovers can be carried out in less than 30 minutes. The automatic station control system QuickAdjust provides continuous adjustment of sealing, coding perforation and cutting for extremely short run-in times and highly reliable, consistent processes.
  • QuickTransfer utilizes a servo-driven blister transfer whereby blisters are fed directly to the cartoner's bucket chain. This feature also incorporates a servo-controlled de-stacking independent of specific blister formats, as well as in-process control without interrupting production.
  • QuickClean significantly reduces cleaning times due to easy access, and surfaces without edges and corners designed to eliminate entrapment of product.
  • QuickAdmin absolutely insures reproducible processes from the ergonomic HMI panel with intuitive visualization and navigation, while QuickControl assures maximum production safety along with track & trace, audit trail and batch records.


A leading European manufacturer of solid dosage forms, including soft and hard gelatine capsules tablets and dragées, has been using blister packaging machines from Romaco Noack for many years.The customer currently operates nine individual Romaco machines and two full Romaco Noack 900 production lines. Its most recent lines feature a Romaco Noack 960 Blister Machine with rotary sealing and a Romaco Promatic PC 4250 Continuous Motion Cartoner.The systems provide a turnkey solution for packing tablets, capsules and oblongs.

The cooperation between the two companies focused on ensuring that the Romaco blister solutions were easy to use and shortened both changeover and cleaning times. Ultimately, the goal was to enable one employee to change product and packaging in an exceedingly short timeframe. A systematic approach was taken to achieving this mutual goal and development objective.

In this fashion, all currently installed machine processes were tested step-by-step under real production conditions, allowing for a precise evaluation of development potential. The results of the tests were incorporated into the design of the new Noack 960 blister line technology. 

At the German plant, each Romaco Noack 960 Blister Line's weekly production volume is between 15 and 20 batches. It is utilized, among other things, for complex packaging of multi-phase products, such as those that involve various tablet sizes in a single blister for morning and evening doses.